Almost everyone knows a personal trainer. We are health and fitness specialists.  In addition to being certified in personal fitness training, we are also certified in medical exer-therapy. We have studied more than just fitness for the general population. Our staff takes pride in their work and is 100% committed to making sure you get results. From fat loss to muscle gain, we have you covered.  We also have excellent programs for seniors. 


As we age, our bodies change.  No matter how hard we try (supportive nutrition, exercise, etc.), we will face different medical conditions / limitations.  The one thing that won't change is our desire to live an active lifestyle.  What we need is a proper assessment and customized program for our current fitness level. 

Medical exercise therapy involves therapeutic conditioning of a medical condition / limitation.  Exercise can be utilized in the prevention of a medical condition / limitation; but it is also beneficial for daily maintenance and improvement.  Also, medical exercise therapy is for post-rehabilitation.  After you have been discharged from physical therapy, your road to full-recovery has just begun.  Clients use our services in conjunction or after being discharged from physical therapy.


Posture is something we usually aren't concerned with until we have already developed a bad postural habit or someone close to us says: "Straighten your back!"  With our postural analysis service, we will assess your current posture and develop a corrective exercise program to help improve your posture.  Some of us, unfortunately are born with different curvatures in the spine.  You can still strengthen your muscle to help counter these conditions from getting worse.  Good posture does not happen overnight, we must be aware of our posture at all times.


Myofascial release is a great technique used to help improve your flexibility and recovery of your muscles.  Fascia binds and connects muscles.  In addition, it connects muscles to tendons, joints and bones.  We usually incorporate this with our exercise therapy sessions or this can be done be itself.


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